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“From personal experience as a student of Michael, I highly vouch for his excellence as a teacher. He challenged us and allowed us to grow intellectually while making it an incredibly meaningful and enjoyable experience.”

— Elizabeth Feather

“Having taken courses from Michael, I highly recommend him as a mathematics instructor. His level of mathematical expertise combined with his unique style of teaching makes him a superior educator.”

— Daniel Putnam

“As a former student and a current math teacher myself, I can only speak highly of the information on this site and of Michael’s teaching style. He has a way of taking complex, difficult concepts and explaining them in a way where it is not only easy to understand, but where it leaves you with a sense of mastery of the subject.”

— Walker Gemmill

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Courses I Have Taught

Math For The Educated Citizen

General math concepts that are not taught in the usual math sequence. Covered an introductions to set theory, algorithms, number theory and graph theory.

Statistics For Nursing

An introductory statistics course that satisfies the math requirement for nursing majors.

Statistics For Business

An introductory statistics course that satisfies the math requirement for business majors.

Graph Theory

Introduction to graphs, planar graphs, graph colorings, graph traversal, connectivity.

Mathematical Biology

Deterministic and random models of population dynamics, cancer and HIV.

Computer Programming

Introduction to Java and Object Oriented Programming.

Linear Algebra

Vectors, matrices, row reduction, vector spaces and subspaces, eigenvalues and eigenvectors, Markov matrices.

Calculus III

Multivariable derivatives, chain rule, Lagrange multipliers, 3D coordinate system, polar and spherical coordiantes, parameterization of paths, multivariable integration.

Math History

Overview of the history of math from origins (e.g. using rocks or cords to track livestock) to present day.

Real Analysis

Structure of the real number system. Limits, derivatives and Riemann integrals.

Complex Analysis

Complex numbers and variables, Mobius transformations, derivatives and integrals.

Mathematical Probability

Probability measures, random variables, joint distributions, introduction to Markov chains.

Stochastic Processes

Markov chains and martingales. Financial binary models, multidimensional Poisson processes.

Mathematics Seminar

Topics were chosen by students. Examples include actuarial mathematics and advanced programming.

Discrete Math

Logic, proof writing, elementary number theory, functions, cardinality.

Putnam Problem Seminar

Practiced solving problems that appeared on the Putnam Competition and prepared teams for the competition.

Senior Project

Individual projects that included building math software and financial math.

Modern Algebra

Introduction to groups, subgroups, quotient groups. Intorduction to rings, ideals and quotient rings.

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About Me

Learning – Teaching – Traveling

I have a passion for learning and discovering new things. I got a Ph.D. in math by publishing two papers on cancer models and then became a professor. While a professor, I realized I had a love for teaching. I left the ivory tower and got a job as a curriculum designer and have been helping people ever since.

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